The three-hour rule

With a view to protecting fliers interests, reducing ground congestion and laying down the law, the three-hour rule will begin to take effect on 29th April at all major airports. Thus begins the fight of the airlines protecting their right to hold passengers hostage versus the FAA’s no-nonsense policy on tarmac delays. It is really good to see the FAA being strict and impartial.


The image above perfectly summarizes the situation over the last year and underscores the need for the three-hour rule. With many major airlines seeking exemption from the rule, the saga will be stretched away from the tarmacs as well.


Tarmac Toll

I am really pleased to hear that finally the DOT has fined airlines for tarmac delays. Three airlines were fined for overnight delays at Minnesota back in August. The DOT and FAA need to be very strict, they have set precedents with these fines. Not only do tarmac delays disturb the traffic flow at that airport, they also cause a ripple delay effect across the National Airspace System. Airlines must realize the importance of maintaining a tight schedule and some decorum along with it.