Deeper into the rabbit hole..

Large organizations are all about management and human capital. It is only when I was having drinks with some of my colleagues after work recently that I realized how big the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) really is. It comprises of around 2,000 people in Montreal at least. Plus there are huge offices in Geneva and Singapore. I must say, maintaining an organization at an international level successfully suddenly seems like a very impressive job well-done. Moments after I came to grips with the vast population of IATA, one of my colleagues, who used to work for Cathay Pacific mentions that Cathay has around 35,000 employees worldwide. My jaw dropped and then I went on to hear about their office in Hong Kong called “Cathay City”. It’s hard to imagine that these companies once started from scratch, i.e. 5-10 employees.

It feels like a complete privilege to be  part of such an esteemed institution. I feel like a part of the industry, well and truly. Moreover, when a power-point slide created by me is used by the Director General of IATA, Giovanni Bisignani at the Aviation and Environment summit 2010, it makes me feel like I am directly impacting a part of the Aviation industry. As a professional, that is what you want to see, and it is that very positive impact that propels you further, makes you take giant leaps forward and takes you deeper into the rabbit hole.