The In-Flight Connectivity Battle

In a battle for cost-conscious, tech-savvy passengers, airlines have faced increasing pressure to explore innovative ways to capture their imagination. While pricing will always be central to the air traveller’s choice of airline, a new parameter has emerged. Customers are now paying attention to airlines that have made the leap to offer in-flight connectivity and entertainment systems.

These new and improved connectivity systems based on satellite technology represent millions of dollars worth of investments, carrying a huge potential growth market for satellite. According to David Bruner, vice president for Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s Global Communications Services, a tipping point has now been reached, with many airlines now ready to make the leap.

“We are about 12 to 15 deals today. You will see some of those that have already committed to add more aircraft to their existing commitments. You will probably see another 15 to 20 airlines making that commitment over the next 12 months. But, I think you will also see as many committed to our competitors. I can see 30 or more airlines making a commitment over that time. The top 50 to 60 airlines in the world will all have made a decision, at least in terms of the fleets they expect to operate over the next 10 years or so and are the work horses of their fleet. You are going to see a very exciting year, announcement after announcement, and the announcement won’t be news any more, but more what is being installed and how many aircraft you have been operating,” says Bruner.

For the full article: Airlines Ready to Jump into Connectivity Battle – Page 1 of 3 :: Via Satellite.


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